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House Diagrams (from MTV):

Description of each area in and around the House (from MTV):

OScroll below to see pics. Click on links to connect to MTV's streaming video commentary about each room in the House.


The Chicago neighborhood where The Real World house is located is called Buck Town/Wicker Park. The lobby is curved-shaped and designed to lure you into the rest of the house.

Game Room

The Game Room houses one of the best games ever. A Real World house just isn't the same without a sweet-ass pool table to play with. Sure there's some art and a really expensive bookshelf in this room, but they don't come with 16 balls and a bunch of sticks.


Feeling saucy? Well, if you can't stand the heat, then stay out of the Real World kitchen. From funky barstools to kitchen cabinets on wheels, this center of culinary concoctions beats previous Real World standards.

Living Room

At first glance, the living room looks like a mix between the bridge of the starship Enterprise and the Chicago Institute of Art. But on closer inspection, you soon realize that this is just the home of the Real Worlders, and then all the pieces fall into


Everyone knows the Real World confessional, the sanctuary of secrets, the domicile of dirt, the dungeon of disclosure. But this year's confessional has a bit of a twist to it. It's hidden in the wall behind a bookshelf...very James Bond. Just below the confessional is the office area where the Real Worlders often sat checking their email and surfing the internet.

Hot Tub Patio

What would you do for a hot tub built into a patio that overlooks Chicago's Wicker Park community and the Chicago skyline? The patio is right off of the living room, so you can take a dip without ever leaving the party. The Real World is all about convenience.

Bird's Nest/Phone Lounge

The "Bird's Nest" is what the Real Worlders called this small padded room next to the phone lounge. They said it was a place to go when they wanted some privacy, or sometimes, even just a nap. The phone lounge was the location where the Real Worlders could stay connected with the outside world. The lounge turned chatting into bliss.


Push! Squat! Flex! Squeeze! Ahh, nothing like getting buff in the confines of your own home. The Real Worlders were hooked up with an exercise facility worthy of the most pumped up, buffed up bodies in the world.

Keri, Chris and Kyle's Room

Two's company, three's a crowd, huh? Well, this room was like the reverse Three's Company, two guys and a girl. And how much trouble do you think they got into? Imagine all the bed jumping you could do with three beds in one room? And the best part of it all, there's no one to tell you that it's past your bedtime.

Aneesa & Theo's Room (aka the Orange Room aka the Sex Room)

Probably the coolest part about Aneesa and Theo's room is that crazy wallpaper. Actually, this entire room is like being inside of an old Atari game. Lots of bright colors and simple shapes make for sweet dreams and fun bedtime stories.

Cara & Tonya's Room

Cara and Tonya's room had some of the best art in the house, as well as some pretty funky furniture. See, that's what you need to set up a Real World bedroom environment, good art and funky furniture. It's also pretty cool if you have two beautiful girls, but I guess it's best to just make do.

Bathroom Clip1 Clip2 Clip3


I guess you could call this room the bathroom, but it's really more like a lavatory for the gods. Or maybe, it's the community washroom. Open air and spacious, the bathroom promotes a little comingling. And let's not forget the...hmm..double headed shower. You can even see people changing their clothes from the hallway. Mischievous, very mischievous.


INSIDE the House (from MTV):

Around the House & Chicago Scenes (from MTV):



Building the House (from MTV):


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